A Large Suburban Housing

Woodbridge is a large suburban housing development, begun in 1975 by The Irvine Company, in the central region of Irvine, California. It covers roughly four square miles and has two large artificial lakes at its center. It contains five elementary schools, two middle schools, Lakeside and South Lake, and Woodbridge High School. Woodbridge is bisected into two residential segments, called North Lake and South Lake, by a broad strip of retail, commercial and institutional development. The street named Yale Loop encircles the entirety of Woodbridge. it is divided into East and West Yale Loop. Each half of Woodbridge has a lake at its center.

The amenities include 2 lakes with docks, 2 beach lagoons, 22 pools (2 of which are exclusive adult only pools), 16 spas, 13 waders, 24 tennis courts, a splash pad, numerous parks with play equipment, volleyball courts, a big wheel park, horseshoe facilities, and a fitness course. All told, the Association owns and operates 41 recreational facilities. Each one of Woodbridge’s lakes has a “beach club” next to it, where there is a “lagoon” (a sand-surrounded fresh-water swimming pool that empties into the lake), a dock facility to rent human-driven pedal boats, kayaks, canoes, sailboats, and hydro-bikes. Swimming in the lakes is safe, though technically prohibited for insurance reasons. The beach clubs have two volleyball courts each. There are also two “swim clubs,” Stonecreek and Bluelake, on each side of Woodbridge.

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